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Championing Care: PAFCOM's Exclusive Screening of 'Unconditional' and Advocacy for Gender-Equitable Care Roles

PAFCOM was honored to be part of an exclusive screening of the documentary "Unconditional" by MSNBC Anchor, Author, Journalist, and Filmmaker Richard Lui on December 13th at the United Nations. This seven-year film meticulously chronicled the inspiring journeys of three remarkable families navigating the complexities of mental health, shedding light on the profound highs and lows of caregiving. The Thomas, Bushatz, and Lui families bravely shared their heartfelt stories of struggle and resilience, reinforcing the powerful notion that "when minds hurt, love heals."

The subsequent panel discussion, titled "The Time to Care Is Now: Advocating for Gender-Equitable Care Roles, Reimagining Masculinity, and the Role of Media," delved into the profound impact of caregiving on over 100 million Americans. The speakers passionately challenged the conventional notion that caregiving should be exclusively relegated to women, emphasizing the universal responsibility for everyone to participate in this crucial role.

For Filipinos, the narratives of caregivers hit close to home. Our collective consciousness is deeply intertwined with the images of our mothers, siblings, aunts, cousins, and more, who tirelessly assume the role of caregivers. Many of our family members find themselves in caregiving roles, whether within our immediate families or for families residing overseas. As we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Human Rights Day on December 10th, let us steadfastly continue to celebrate and elevate the narratives of caregivers worldwide. Their selfless dedication embodies the true spirit of human rights, echoing the profound message that, in the face of adversity, love and care remain powerful catalysts for healing and resilience.

Written by: Jessa Bonafe

Edited by : Ness Bantog


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