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Little Miss PAFCOM 2022

Grace Eliana Garcia is the second born child of Trust and MJ Garcia. She was born on November 11th 2013 in Greenwich CT. Grace is a very smart, energetic and talented 8 year old. She loves to read, play video games, swim, rollerblade, play hockey and go to the playground.

During the summertime, she enjoys a trip to the beach with her family, especially her brother, Jace. They would build sandcastles, catch some waves, and get a nice tan laying on the sand. Her winter months are significantly busier due to her travel ice hockey schedule. She is currently the goaltender for the 2013 CT Jr Rangers Elite Team and has traveled to Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and other neighboring states. Whenever she is not with her team on the ice, Grace hangs out with her brother and dad training together. Grace also likes to play video games with her school friends. She loves cats, dogs, and turtles, in fact, she has a pet cat, named Lily. And she would like to get a pet turtle in the future!

Grace does not only excel in her out of school activities, she is also a highly competent student. She often comes home with As and 100%s on her test papers, along with compliments written by her teachers. Grace paints and draws during her spare time. She loves watching movies with her family and friends. She and her mom go on mani/pedi dates which Grace always look forward to. Grace is a fulltime model for NYMM in NY City and has been on the Nike and Amazon website a few times.

To know Grace is to love her. She is sassy, funny, witty, and always has a story to tell. She is a wholesome person at such

a young age is she is ready to conquer the world with her heart full of gratitude to everyone who

supports her.


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