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Message from PAFCOM 2022 GRAND MARSHAL

Thank You very much Lito for the kind introduction.

This is indeed an extraordinary honor and a humbling one to be PAFCOM Grand Marshall for this year

and I am looking forward to it greatly.

I thank you all for being here and I am just grateful to see us all gathered despite the situation of what is

going on with the corona virus.

PAFCOM celebration of Philippine Friendship Day is an incredible event to celebrate our Filipino

heritage, culture, and history. It is to solidify our bedrock principles of family, faith, and tradition that we

have as Filipinos. We are strong and proud Filipinos that we continue to be leaders both in the public

and private sectors. It is our generation that must continue to play forward and help our children

become our future leaders. The immigration of Filipinos over here from the very beginning and all the

extraordinarily things that have been accomplished by so many makes us all proud of what we have

accomplished. It’s a celebration quite frankly when we think about of all the people that came before us

of which we can think back of people from our families, extended families and friends that came here

during different times in many ways more difficult times. We stand on the shoulders of those who came

before us and as they have created the situation in the circumstance that we now can sit here and take

pride about what it is we become. This is something that we can remind of ourselves as we think about

the celebration of Philippine Friendship Day and everything that goes around it.

PAFCOM Philippine Friendship Day parade is also a celebration of unity a celebration of community, and

of the Filipino community. It is the coming together, working together representing who we really are

and a major force in the history of the United States. It is an ongoing major force of what it is we have

made from it and we do the best when we work together as a community and when we understand the

interdependence of that this celebration is for everybody. It is a celebration of tribal and opportunity to

stand up and say we are proud of what we are and who we are and say we are proud of it. I look

forward to working with you all for the next couple of months. I want to know more people and be

engaged in all of the events and projects of PAFCOM.

On behalf of my family and myself I am humbled and thank you. It’s an honor and privileged to be your

2022 Grand Marshall. Let us all stay focus and work together as one community and make it a great day,

a great year and a fantastic future.

Thank You and let’s all Stay Safe!!!




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