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PAFCOM 2023 Parade & Festival

Written by : Troi Santos

Like a torchbearer of history, PAFCOMNJ.ORG Grand Marshal Dr. Dely Po Go takes the lead in the Philippine-American Friendship Day parade, marching with purpose and conviction through the streets of Jersey City. Her steadfast determination reflects the unwavering commitment to mutual respect and collaboration that has marked the illustrious journey of Philippine-American relations.

Like guardian spirits, the Philippine and American flags unfurl with grace and dignity, honoring the profound historical ties that bind the two nations. Alongside the Knights of Rizal, whose unwavering commitment to honor and integrity mirrors the great heroes of the past, they forge ahead on this Philippine-American Friendship Day, carrying the torch of solidarity and cooperation. PAFCOMNJ.ORGKnights of RIZALKnights of Rizal New Jersey Chapter.

As the Manila Choppers take the helm, their majestic bikes thundering with mighty roars, the Philippine flag dances with ethereal grace, its fabric quivering in harmony with the vibrations of the motor engines. Together, they lead the procession, infusing the parade streets of Jersey City with an electrifying energy that commemorates the storied legacy and unwavering friendship of Philippine-American Friendship Day.

As the esteemed Grand Marshal of PAFCOMNJ.ORG , Dr. Dely Po Go graces the parade route with regal presence. In a spectacle of humanism, her handshakes transcend mere gestures, transforming into a virtuosic display that delicately etches a narrative of shared resilience, fortitude, and love. With each touch, a symphony of emotions reverberates, resonating with the eloquence of history and crafting a vivid celebration that pays homage to the triumphant spirit of Philippine independence. These handshakes become more than mere physical connections; they encapsulate the profound essence of the Filipino spirit, radiating an aura of dignity and grace. Dr. Dely Po Go's every handshake weaves together the threads of past sacrifices and present aspirations, honoring the heroes who forged the proud legacy of Philippine independence. Through her touch, the parade route becomes a tapestry of unity and inspiration, painting a portrait of unwavering resolve and deep-rooted love for the nation.


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