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Unveiling New Horizons: Recap of PAFCOM's 2024 Turnover Ceremony

A Tapestry of Family, Financial Transparency and Inspirational Leadership

by: Ness Bantog-Liwanag

Greetings, PAFCOM Community!

The echoes of joy and unity still resonate from the recent PAFCOM 2024 Turnover Ceremony, a heartwarming family affair that transcended boundaries. Let's embark on a recap of this remarkable event, where the threads of family ties, financial transparency and inspirational leadership wove together to create an unforgettable tapestry.

New Leadership Unveiled

In an eagerly anticipated moment, the PAFCOM family witnessed the election of new leaders. Rosalinda Rupel emerged as the newly elected Chairman of the Board, bringing with her a vision for the community's future. Joining her in steering the ship is Vice Chair Helen Castillo, forming a dynamic duo poised to guide PAFCOM into a new era.

Turnover of the Presidency

A pivotal moment in the ceremony was the symbolic turnover of the presidency from Roxanne Cajigas to Maricar Taino. As the presidential office chain exchanged hands, it marked not only a change in leadership but a continuation of the rich legacy of service and dedication to the PAFCOM family.

In a touching tribute, 2023 PAFCOM President Roxanne Cajigas took the center stage, extending heartfelt gratitude to the PAFCOM family for their unwavering support. Expressing appreciation for the dedicated volunteers, officers, and board members, Roxanne presented Presidential Awards to Dr. Connie Uy, Helen Castillo, and Dr. Dely Go for their exceptional contributions.

Financial Transparency Illuminated

The financial heartbeat of PAFCOM was laid bare as 2023 Treasurer Perla Candelaria meticulously reported on the organization's financial standing. As a beacon of transparency, PAFCOM invites everyone to explore detailed financial records on their website at

Inspirational Messages Echoed

The ceremony was not just about numbers and titles; it was a platform for inspiration. Senen De Castro-Cabalfin RN, MSN, CNOR delivered an acceptance speech that felt like a comforting embrace from a beloved family member. Her words resonated with the collective spirit of the PAFCOM family, setting a tone of encouragement and unity. Vice Consul Paolo Marco Mapula added to the inspirational crescendo with a message that seamlessly aligned with the shared values of the community.

A Family Gathering

As new members took their oath and the community came together for the "That’s What Friends Are For" sing-along, the atmosphere felt like a harmonious chorus echoing the spirit of family and friendship. The elegant presence of Mrs. PAFCOM 2024 Ramona Gapasin and the announcement of 2024 Honorary Grand Marshal Mr. JoseMari "Lee” Clemente added layers of familial pride to the festivities.

Congratulations to New Members, Officers and Board Members!

Your commitment to community service is a valuable addition to our family. May your journey be filled with shared accomplishments and meaningful connections.

Watch Out for the Upcoming 2024 PAFCOM Events!

Stay tuned for more exciting moments and community engagement. The PAFCOM journey continues, and we invite you to be a part of the unfolding chapters. Until the next gathering, PAFCOM family – stay united, stay inspired!

Enjoy making a difference in your community; join the PAFCOM Family!


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